[Gc] Patch adding unsynchronized GC_get_heap_size/free_bytes

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Sat Sep 12 23:27:20 PDT 2009


This small patch (ivmai133.diff) adds two public function GC_get_heap_size_inner() and GC_get_free_bytes_inner() which do the same as GC_get_heap_size() and GC_get_free_bytes(), respectively, but don't acquire the allocation lock. The declarations are placed in gc_mark.h (where other such "inner" functions exist) instead of gc.h (just to be "not so public").

This could be of use in some projects (eg., Mono).

ChangeLog entries:

	* misc.c (GC_get_heap_size_inner, GC_get_free_bytes_inner): New
	API function.
	* include/gc_pmark.h (GC_get_heap_size_inner,
	GC_get_free_bytes_inner): New function declaration.

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