[Gc] Patch removing GC_init_inner

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Sun Sep 13 00:10:00 PDT 2009


This small patch (ivmai134.diff) finally replaces all GC_init_inner() calls with GC_init() (as locking is no longer used in it).

ChangeLog entries:

	* alloc.c (GC_expand_hp): Replace GC_init_inner() call with
	GC_init() one.
	* malloc.c (GC_alloc_large, GC_generic_malloc_inner): Ditto.
	* mallocx.c (GC_generic_malloc_many): Ditto.
	* misc.c (GC_enable_incremental): Ditto.
	* alloc.c (GC_expand_hp): Update the comment.
	* mark.c (GC_obj_kinds): Ditto.
	* win32_threads.c (GC_allow_register_threads): Ditto.
	* private/gc_priv.h (GC_init_inner): Remove function declaration.
	* misc.c (GC_init_inner): Replace with public GC_init().

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