[Gc] mark phase and prefetch

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Sun Sep 13 11:11:36 PDT 2009

> From: Aliaksey Kandratsenka
> I was benchmarking this using GCBench.c (modified only for 
> larger heap usage and thus larger running time). On this 
> benchmark my code outperforms both stock prefetch strategy 
> and the code with removed prefetch. With numbers being:
> a) patch - 8.89s
> b) no-prefetch - 9.34s
> c) stock - 9.75s
> Note that it seems that 6.8 doesn't have proper support for 
> AMD64 which I use, 'cause lions share of time is spent in 
> mutex_trylock that's called from GC_malloc. Without this, the 
> speedup should be larger.
Another issue here is that modern X86 processors seem to have a fairly sophisticated hardware prefetcher.  For a  very regular benchmark like GCBench, objects seem to be layed out sufficiently regularly such that these prefetchers actually work quite well, something that's probably less true of real benchmarks, though I suspect it often remains somewhat true eve for linked data structures.  You probably also need to consider that in trying to understand performance results.


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