[Gc] mark phase and prefetch

Aliaksey Kandratsenka alk at tut.by
Sun Sep 13 12:04:25 PDT 2009

У Няд, 13/09/2009 у 18:01 +0000, Boehm, Hans піша:
> I highly recommend looking at the ASPLOS 2004 paper by Cher, Hosking, and Vijaykumar (https://www.dacapo-group.org/papers/gc.pdf)  They explore this in some detail, though undortunate;ly their work never made it into our GC distribution.

Thanks for pointing this out. It's indeed 100% same approach and they
did all benchmarks. And speedups they had answered most of my questions,
which is great.

I can complete this work and post production-ready patch if there are no

P.S.: BTW, I've just realized that my time for stock BDWGC
(prefetch-on-gray) is incorrect, 'cause PREFETCH is no-op on my
architecture by default. Correct time is 9.21s which is better than
without prefetch, but (as expected) slower than pipelined DFS (aka
buffered prefetch).
P.P.S.: My CPU is one of the earlier Intel Core 2, so it's not latest,
but it's not old either.

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