[Gc] Patch: fix for WARN format int type specifier (for Win64)

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Tue Sep 15 10:38:42 PDT 2009


This small patch (ivmai139.diff) introduces GC_PRIdPTR macro (which is a purely-tagging for now) for use in WARN format strings (as WARN argument is always of word type).

Also a proper error handling is added for pthead_create() in start_mark_threads() (hardly ever would occur but...).

ChangeLog entries:

	* allchblk.c (GC_allochblk_nth): Use GC_PRIdPTR in WARN() format
	* pthread_support.c (start_mark_threads, GC_thr_init): Ditto.
	* win32_threads.c (GC_delete_thread): Ditto.
	* include/private/gc_priv.h (GC_PRIdPTR): New macro.
	* pthread_stop_world.c (GC_suspend_handler_inner): Remove
	unnecessary cast for WARN argument.
	* pthread_support.c (start_mark_threads): if pthread_create()
	failed then don't try to create other marker threads and (after
	printing a warning) adjust GC_markers and GC_parallel values; log
	GC_markers value (possibly adjusted) after that.

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