Re: [Gc] Re: Tabulation and code layout

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Wed Sep 16 09:23:44 PDT 2009


ludo at (Ludovic CourtХs) wrote:
> Hi,
> Hans Boehm <Hans.Boehm at> writes:
> > This has been bugging me, too.  And I've been tempted to do what you
> > suggest.  My understanding is that what you're proposing makes us more
> > consistent with GNU coding standards.  (Can someone correct that if it's
> > wrong?)
> It doesn't say anything about tabs (by default Emacs inserts a mixture
> of tabs and spaces.)
> > If nobody objects, I think it would be great to go ahead and make the
> > change.  This will make diffs across that change harder, but so long
> > as this is done as a separate check-in, that shouldn't be a big deal.
> It also makes operations like "annotate" useless, which is unfortunate IMO.

Ok. Nonetheless, I've committed the changes (one commit for libatomic_ops, the second for bdwgc). The diff file size if ~1 MiB. Only for c/cc/h and plain doc files are changed (excluding files untouched since the last stable release). Hope it wouldn't turn into a big problem to anyone.


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