Re[5]: [Gc]: Dependency tracking for configuration macros

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Fri Sep 25 13:20:18 PDT 2009


Petter Urkedal <urkedal at> wrote:
> ...
> Yes, should run autoheader.  I don't think we really need
> any longer since autoreconf is part of the Autoconf package,
> but in case you want to keep it, I attach a patch which
> * Add autoheader and reorder the other tools to match that
> of autoreconf.
> Did you remove libtool.m4 before attempting to regenerate?  The file
> cause plenty of warnings with recent autotools.  I think the file can be
> safely removed from CVS because it's already included into configure for
> the end user, and a developer who has the toolchain is likely also to
> have a copy of libtool.m4 available.

I've deleted .m4 files and run autotools on Linux.

autoreconf works correctly but configure failed with error "can't make a symbolic link" (that's because I've placed "bdwgc" on NTFS drive) and make, then, failed too.
Everything works correctly on a native Linux FS.

Should we fix this?


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