[Gc] Maintainers attention: libatomic_ops

Henning Makholm makholm at octoshape.com
Wed Sep 30 05:29:06 PDT 2009

> Sorry, I forgot to mention one more thing: once you're confident that you
> require minimum automake and autoconf versions as described in my earlier
> message, you can remove the auto* generated files from CVS altogether and
> instead list them in .cvsignore. That removes any need to generate or view
> the diffs.

The trouble with that is that you'll never know if it works unless you're sure
that the contributor who creates and tests a patch for a particular configuration
(which other developers may not be able to test) is using the same autotools
versions to generate autofoo files as will be used to produce the final tarball
in the end.

Given the traditional lack of cross-version robustness of the autotools suite,
there would be a large risk that contributors submitted code that worked with
their version of the autotools, but (unknown to anyone) happened to fail on the
version Hans uses to create the distribution tarball.

The code tested for each platform should be same code that eventually ships.

Henning Makholm
Octoshape ApS

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