[Gc]: mingw32ce patch

Vincent R. forumer at smartmobili.com
Wed Sep 30 14:16:04 PDT 2009

Ok so now here is the explanation about how to get stack address, on wince
5.x, kernel is 
a structure declared like this (example below is for arm but mips and x86
are very similar)

#define PUserKData ((LPBYTE)0xFFFFC800)
typedef struct Thread THREAD;

struct KDataStruct {
    LPDWORD lpvTls;         /* 0x000 Current thread local storage pointer
    PPROCESS pCurPrc;       /* 0x090 ptr to current PROCESS struct */
    PTHREAD pCurThd;        /* 0x094 ptr to current THREAD struct */
};  /* KDataStruct */

/* High memory layout
 *  0xFFFFC800 - KDataStruct

So on arm kernel is ALWAYS loaded at address 0xFFFFC800 and from it you
can get a pointer
to the current thread structure (PTHREAD pCurThd) defined as shown below :

struct Thread {
    DWORD       dwOrigBase; /* 0x1C: Original stack base */

So now you should understand the formula I gave in my previous email :

DWORD dwStackBase2 = *(DWORD*)(*((DWORD*)(PUserKData + 0x094)) + 0x1C);

We are deferencing PUserKData + 0x094 = pCurThd (pointer to PTHREAD) then
we add
0x1C to get the dwOrigBase field.

So finally here is the final method for all architectures

#if _WIN32_WCE <= 0x502
extern "C" BOOL		
SetKMode(BOOL bFlag);

void *os_query_stackBase()
DWORD dwStackBase;
BOOL bKmode;

LPBYTE PUserKData = 0x00005800; //address for all arch. except on arm
DWORD dwThreadOffset;

if defined(__arm__) || defined(__thumb__) || defined(SHx)
PUserKData = (LPBYTE)0xFFFFC800;
dwThreadOffset = 0x094;

#if defined(_MIPS_)
dwThreadOffset = 0x2c0;

#if defined(x86)
dwThreadOffset = 0x098;

bKmode = SetKMode(TRUE);
dwStackBase = *(cast(DWORD*) (*(cast(DWORD*)(PUserKData + dwThreadOffset
)) +

return cast(void *)dwStackBase;

I am sure it works on arm platform (device and emulator) now I need to
test on x86 and 
to do that I will ask cegcc maintainer that have that kind of device.
In the same time I could see if there is something similar with 6.x
kernels but it will be
hard for me to test.


Vincent Richomme


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