[Gc] Marking memory as traceable

Christian Gudrian christian at gudrian.org
Tue Apr 20 03:19:11 PDT 2010

Am 20.04.2010 12:04, schrieb Ivan Maidanski:

> Sorry, I'm not too good in C++: could you explain me (or point to a spec) the difference between the last two operator definitions, please.
The first operator allows for explicit dereferencing such that 
*a_traceable_pointer returns the wrapped pointer.  The second one 
handles implicit type casts from TraceablePointer to T* in mixed 

With all these operators defined a TraceablePointer behaves nearly 
exactly like the wrapped pointer so that existing code only need minor 
modifications -- if at all.


P.S. Sorry, Ivan, for receiving this twice.  I've accidentally replied 
to you privately instead of to the list.

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