[Gc] Determine the requested size of a memory block

Christian Gudrian christian at gudrian.org
Thu Apr 22 04:12:02 PDT 2010

Am 22.04.2010 11:47, schrieb Ivan Maidanski:

> So, all array pointers are displaced

Obviously, yes.

> (and all_interior_pointer should be on,

It is on anyway to cope with pointers to C++ base classes.

> and to call some GC functions (like GC_register_finalizer) you have to call GC_base)

My arrays don't need finalizers. :)

> - not a good idea, IMHO.

It was the cleanest one I could come up with without digging into the 
collector code itself.

> This won't work correctly in case of GC_DEBUG.

GC_DEBUG is enabled and the code seems to work.  What might go wrong?

> I'd prefer GC_size() to have byte granularity

I second that.  Would that require major modifications to the code or 
would it suffice to, say, redefine a macro?


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