[Gc] GC v.7.1 print marked object graph

Windev Windev windev92 at yahoo.fr
Mon Aug 30 07:14:15 PDT 2010

Hi all, 

there is a usefull function GC_printbacktrace(void* p) showing where p is marked 
from, until we reach the root.
Is there a way to print the full object graph of marked objects only, i.e from 
roots to children.
 e.g :

0x012344 : Stack root

0x012344 : segment root

This would require a node to store a list of children, not only the 
parent(object from where the node is marked from)
Then we can call a sort of function with no param GC_print_marked_object_tree();
scanning all objects from heap, recursively checking if there are children to 
finally print a tree.

There is a backgraph.c file, but I couldnt understand what it exactly does.
Does backgraph.c already do this? If yes please provide me an example on 
Win32(with all macros to be defined), and what it is supposed to display.


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