[Gc] Re: GC v.7.1 DARWIN x86 usage of threads

Jim Hourihan jimhourihan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 17:02:32 PDT 2010

The patch is against 7.2alpha, I'll get the 7.1 code and create it against that when I get a chance. The main thing is that this function GC_stop_world() in darwin_stop_world.c is stopping *all* task threads (in mach parlance) and scanning their stacks.

GC_stop_world for darwin calls the mach system call task_threads followed by GC_suspend_thread_list which loops over the thread list eventually calling  the mach API thread_suspend on each except the invoking thread. It doesn't use any other information (i.e. registered threads list). I found this out because it was stopping my HAL audio thread which was causing popping.

So basically, AFAIK, on darwin the pthreads interface is moot. The code actually uses the more low-level mach interface which makes the code very simple and easy to follow, but ignores the thread registration part of the gc API. So you don't need to call GC_register_my_thread and doing so will have no effect. Likewise with GC_unregister_my_thread.

You see all of this pretty easily if you put a break point in GC_stop_world().

My patch merely adds a list of threads to exclude from this process. Basically I made a darwin specific version of GC_unregister_my_thread called GC_darwin_exclude_my_mach_thread which adds the calling thread to the exclusion list. Probably a better way to do this would be to have a darwin version of GC_(un)register_thread instead that works with the existing code.


On Aug 30, 2010, at 3:47 PM, windev92 wrote:

> thanks Jim and Ivan for your quick response.
> I understood in the meantime how to use it, there is no other way than using
> pthread on DARWIN.
> gc.h overrides pthread_create, and registers it. We just need to inculde gc.h
> and this does the trick. My gc client code is portable, has to run on win32 and
> darwin, that means, on Win32 I ll have to use pthread_create as well for code
> clarity.
> 1. Did any of you have tested pthread_create instead of GC_CreateThread on
> Win32(v.7.1)? Does it work fine?
> 2. Jim, I m not sure if I have understood you well. Do you mean that if you have
> a non-libgc-pthread (not including gc.h), stop_the_world will also suspend it?
> Could you please detail your idea with a use case, with expected behavior
> against wrong behavior you have noticed?
> Please also share your patch, and how to use it, is it 7.1 by the way?
> Many thanks
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