Fwd: [Gc] Performance of bdwgc7.2 had degraded compared to 6.8 - the patch to test

Manuel.Serrano at inria.fr Manuel.Serrano at inria.fr
Fri Dec 3 20:38:32 PST 2010

Hi Ivan,

> Please confirm that you don't compile GC (for this benchmark) with
> multi-threading support and don't use GC_DEBUG (and GC_debug_
> routines).
I do confirm that if I use these I'm not aware of it. On our side, there
is a change between 7.1 and 7.2: up to 7.1 we were using Makefile.direct
and from 7.2 we switched to using the generated Makefile. The
generated Makefile adds many compilation options. For the sake of the
example, here the command issued by Make to compile the file alloc.c of
the version 7.2

gcc -DPACKAGE_NAME=\"gc\" -DPACKAGE_TARNAME=\"gc\" -DPACKAGE_VERSION=\"7.2alpha2\" "-DPACKAGE_STRING=\"gc 7.2alpha2\"" -DPACKAGE_BUGREPORT=\"Hans.Boehm at hp.com\" -DGC_VERSION_MAJOR=7 -DGC_VERSION_MINOR=2 -DGC_ALPHA_VERSION=2 -DPACKAGE=\"gc\" -DVERSION=\"7.2alpha2\" -DSTDC_HEADERS=1 -DHAVE_SYS_TYPES_H=1 -DHAVE_SYS_STAT_H=1 -DHAVE_STDLIB_H=1 -DHAVE_STRING_H=1 -DHAVE_MEMORY_H=1 -DHAVE_STRINGS_H=1 -DHAVE_INTTYPES_H=1 -DHAVE_STDINT_H=1 -DHAVE_UNISTD_H=1 -DHAVE_DLFCN_H=1 -DNO_EXECUTE_PERMISSION=1 -DALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS=1 -DATOMIC_UNCOLLECTABLE=1 -I./include -fexceptions -I libatomic_ops/src -O3 -DNO_DEBUGGING -Iinclude -Ilibatomic_ops-install/include -DFINALIZE_ON_DEMAND -I/misc/lab/bigloo/bench/3.5b-7.2alpha2-test2/bigloo3.5b/lib/3.5b -fPIC -fPIC -I/misc/lab/bigloo/bench/3.5b-7.2alpha2-test2/bigloo3.5b/lib/3.5b -MT alloc.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/alloc.Tpo -c alloc.c -o alloc.o >/dev/null 2>&1

For the version 7.1, we have:

gcc  -O3  -DNO_DEBUGGING -Iinclude -Ilibatomic_ops-install/include -DFINALIZE_ON_DEMAND  -I/misc/lab/bigloo/bench/3.5b-7.1/bigloo3.5b/lib/3.5b -fPIC   -c -o alloc.o alloc.c

Could the differences in the compilation options be the reason for the
performance slowdown? In particular, what's the impact of
-DALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS=1? I will run the benchmark without this option
and come back to you when done (when I will have been able to 
understand how to tweak the Makefile for not using this option

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