Fwd: [Gc] Performance of bdwgc7.2 had degraded compared to6.8 - the patch to test

Carsten Kehler Holst kehler at pdc.dk
Tue Dec 14 23:17:05 PST 2010

We need ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS both for objects (yes we have multiple inheritance) and strings. 

We have used ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS both in 6.8 and now in 7.2a4. And we experience the degradation. I tried turning ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS off but then our programs wont run so unfortunately i can't give you numbers for that. 

I hope Manuel will run his test both with the different settings but also try 6.8 with ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS turned on.


On 15/12/2010, at 01.07, "Bruce Hoult" <bruce at hoult.org> wrote:

> 2010/12/15 Ivan Maidanski <ivmai at mail.ru>:
>> I think -D ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS should present by default when building the collector
> I can't see any situation in which -D ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS is needed
> for correctness other than:
> - in the presence of multiple inheritance in C++, in which case a
> pointer to a base class (other than the first) may be the only pointer
> to an object.
> - in code in which it is possible to take the address of a struct
> member or array element and this is the only reference to the object.
> In particular, anyone writing a compiler for a language without these
> features (which includes Scheme) should be able to safely turn off -D
> ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS unless they are doing something strange in
> hand-written libraries.
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