Re[4]: [Gc] Cmake and contribution model

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Tue Feb 23 23:36:00 PST 2010

Jack Andrews <effbiae at> wrote:
> hi ivan,
> 2009/12/13 Ivan Maidanski <ivmai at>:
> >> I could try to help with the port but I need some help to test the patch.
> my small contribution is here
> > Are there any test I can run? I can try to run them on windows and linux.
> and it builds gctest.  it should be enough to update my patch and put any extra
> source files into the right CMakeList.txt.  just test it by running gctest.
> feel free to get in touch!
> ta, jack.

I've just added CMakeList.txt, tests/CMakeList.txt and doc/Readme.cmake to the tree (mostly as the original except for Readme.cmake (renamed from, removed -D__STDC__, and -DNDEBUG replaced with -DNO_DEBUGGING.


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