Re[6]: [Gc] Cmake and contribution model

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Wed Feb 24 00:38:08 PST 2010

Jack Andrews <effbiae at> wrote:
> hi ivan,
> > I've just added CMakeList.txt, tests/CMakeList.txt and doc/Readme.cmake to the tree (mostly as the original except for Readme.cmake (renamed from, removed -D__STDC__, and -DNDEBUG replaced with -DNO_DEBUGGING.
> great!
> i'm very happy to maintain this.  i can handle reported bugs
> and requests for features.
> oh, and does it work? :)

Hmm. I haven't tested it... You seem to say CMakeList.txt content differs much from what you had sent to the ML, right? I found the files here:
Probably, the author of the recent cmake changes is Nicola Brisotto.

I think even it doesn't work out-of-the-box, it's better than nothing.

> ta, jack.


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