[Gc] GC_get_thread_stack_base ?

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at ubuntu.com
Mon Jul 19 09:36:44 PDT 2010

Following on.

GCC has a series of patches which introduce (and subsequently fixup)

SVN commits: 147641, 129224, 125957, 116313, 110832, 110682
PR numbers: 13212, 33442

I have combined these commits and minimised the configury noise. Some
of this has been merged / taken from gc, but I don't believe
GC_get_thread_stack_base function has been committed to cvs and I
can't seem to find equivalent functionality under a different name.

Please analyse if this functionality should be ported to cvs head and merged.

(*.h.in & configure.ac changes are gcc specific as far as i can see,
and possibly redundant)

patch-4-stack-base.diff - combined diff.
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