[Gc] External thread suspend and resume

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Tue Jul 20 15:11:53 PDT 2010

I remember a bit, but probably not all, of the history here.  There are strong arguments for and against this:


This is a dangerous and very easy to misuse interface.  Programmers tend to use it for things they shouldn't.  If you asynchronously suspend a thread and then call a library routine that happens to acquire a lock that happened to be held by the suspended thread you deadlock.  In fact, it's not clear there are any correct use cases for conventional client code, as a result of this problem.


There seem to be good reasons certain other system software really needs it.  This includes some debugging tools.  It may also include a java runtime trying to implement java.lang.Thread.suspend/resume, which are deprecated for the above reason, but haven't actually been removed.  Such code should probably be using a GC-provided facility, since the GC needs to know which threads are suspended; otherwise the GC is likely to deadlock.

I think Mono added something similar, mostly for debugging reasons, and this code might even have come from there.

I think I'd be inclined to add this.  If we want to document it in gc.h, it should come with a disclaimer that it is deadlock prone, and should be used only by very low-level code that does not call into libraries acquiring unknown locks.  This would unfortunately require porting the code to a recent GC version.


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> >> Next up in gcc svn 114869 and 124081 GC_suspend_thread and
> >> GC_resume_thread have been implemented.
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> >> Again I can't seem to find similar looking code in cvs head. Please
> >> evaluate weather this functionality should be ported over.
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> > Yes, there is no present in bdwgc. See my previous post. Is this
> really needed for gcc? If yes, please provide a patch against the
> current bdwgc cvs.
> >
> Thanks. Will evaluate further whether it is used at all and whether it
> should be ported to head.
> >>
> >> Combined cleaned up patch is attached.
> >>
> >> (as with previous patches these are patches within the gcc tree and
> >> might not apply cleanly against cvs head)
> >>
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> > Thanks.
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