Fwd: [Gc] FW: GC: Time for GC final release? (patch for cleanups)

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at fsij.org
Mon Jul 26 18:06:42 PDT 2010

Ivan Maidanski wrote:
> And this patch solves the cleanup problem ("apparently on Solaris
> and probably on Linux we can't collect while a thread is exiting,
> since signals aren't handled properly, this gives currently gives
> rise to deadlocks") you observed before, right?

It is true that the symptom of the cleanup problem I observed before
is solved by the patch.

But it is *not* me who report Solaris deadlock issue you quote, so I can't
say about this.

On March, I was working for Gauche 0.9, and found the failure on threads
with GC 7.1 (in this case on HPPA):

Then, I found the problem of the cleanup.  The problem itself was
reported by Shiro Kawai on November 2009:


I made patches two times:



For Gauche on Debian, I used the patch of (1), then (2).  It is the
file debian/patches/12_libgc_fix__EXCEPTIONS.patch in the distribution
of Gauche on Debian.

Then, you gave me your patch last week.  I backport your patch for GC
7.1 and replace my patch by yours for Gauche on Debian.  It is Gauche
0.9-16, and works fine for all supported platforms.


That's all I can say.

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