[Gc] hangs on malloc

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Wed Jul 28 17:13:03 PDT 2010

This is on a Linux machine?

You may have to look inside GC_stop_world (pthread_stop_world.c), to see what it's waiting for.  It has to wait for all other threads to acknowledge receipt of a signal.  If one of them is somehow prevented from doing so, this may happen.  There's a known issue with thread cancellation that may also result in this symptom, which we're still hoping to address shortly.  (My reading of the Posix standard is that exiting threads should be able to respond to signals.  But empirically it looks like that isn't always the case.  They need the GC lock to exit, which the GC doesn't let go until they respond to a signal.  But there seem to be enough other problems with cancellation that people rarely run into this.)


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> Hello.  I'm having trouble with nekovm (https://nekovm.org) which uses
> libgc.  There is no trouble when it runs directly, but it hangs when it
> runs as an apache2 module.  I traced the place where it hangs to a
> GC_generic_malloc call.  It hangs at the same place every time.  I've
> got the same behavior on two machines (different hardware, same os:
> ubuntu, 32 bit, latest)  I tried some different versions of libgc (6.4,
> 6.8, 7.1, 7.2alpha4) but got the same result.  This is the stack when
> it
> hangs (using ver 7.2alpha4):
> First call at the top:
>                GC_generic_malloc(18, 1)
> malloc.c:166.  GC_generic_malloc_inner(18, 1)
> malloc.c:126.  GC_allocobj(18, 1)
> alloc.c:1299.  GC_collect_or_expand(1, FALSE, FALSE)
> alloc.c:1212.  GC_try_to_collect_inner()
> alloc.c:436.   GC_stopped_mark()
> alloc.c:584.   STOP_WORLD()
> It doesn't return from STOP_WORLD.  Stays there for days.
> Please let me know what additional info that may help or of anything I
> can try.
> Thanks,
> Ian
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