[Gc] Allocating Executable Memory

Noah Lavine noah.b.lavine at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 14:33:26 PDT 2010

Dear libgc developers,

I'm interested in managing executable memory with libgc, as part of a
project to add a JIT compilation system to Guile Scheme. As far as I
can tell, libgc does not currently support this. It seems like the
cleanest way for Guile to do this is to add functions to libgc to
request that allocated memory be executable, and perhaps have libgc
manage the executable memory as a separate pool than the

If possible, I'd like to work with you to find a way to make these
modifications that could be included in the main libgc, both for the
maintenance benefits to Guile and to help libgc. Therefore I'd like to
ask you, is there a way that you would be interested in adding
executable memory support to libgc? It seems to me that the cleanest
approach might be to add support for allocating memory from arbitrary
pools, given a user-supplied function that would allocate more memory
in this pool. Then a user could provide a function to allocate an
executable memory page, a file-mapped page, or whatever else. However,
I certainly understand libgc much less than you do. Does this seem
like a good idea? Is there a way that could work?

Noah Lavine

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