[Gc] Android support (static libs only)

Manuel.Serrano at inria.fr Manuel.Serrano at inria.fr
Mon Oct 18 12:00:42 PDT 2010

Hi Hans,

> Thanks.  Some of this already seems to be in CVS.  But I have some concerns:
Yes, we have already sent you some but not all of them.

> Where is BGL_ANDROID defined?  We seem to also be testing for PLATFROM_ANDROID, but not consistently.  
BGL_ANDROID is defined nowhere. That's what I meant when I said that you
have to compile the GC with -DBGL_ANDROID. I don't think that it is
possible to autoconfigure this variable automatically because for
compiling for Android you simply use a cross compiling gcc. You do not
compile understand any special environment that would give you a chance
to find out by yourself that your are generating code for Android.

Regarding PLATFROM_ANDROID and BGL_ANDROID, I wanted to isolate the new
patch from what we have already sent. For the inclusion in your source
code two macros do not make much sense. Renaming BGL_ANDROID with
PLATFORM_ANDROID is probably the best solution.  The only advantage of
this BGL_ANDROID is that it's easier for your, I guess, to see what are
the new modifications.

> __stack_base__ seems to be set, but not used?
It is (or I sent you something wrong). I think (my memory may be
erroneous) that it is used in gcconfig.h. The definition of STACKBOTTOM
falls back to NOSYS which defines STACKBOTTOM as:

#     define STACKBOTTOM ((ptr_t) (__stack_base__))

> Some of the patch seems to consist of Bigloo profiling changes, which are orthognonal, and look like they may be redundant with other mechanisms already in the GC.
Yes. You are correct. That's also what I said. This patch is the genuine 
file I'm using for Bigloo. It needs some cleanup if your intention is to
add it to the main distribution tree. 

> Makefile.in is a derived file.  Makefile.am should be edited if changes are needed.
Yes you are right. However it's sometimes it's such a pain to use
autoconf/automake/... than patching the Makefile.in is simpler than
struggling with the installation of some obscure m4 macros file that
turns out to be incompatible with your XXX.am files. Anyhow, the only
parts of the patch that are of some interest for you are those that deal
with BGL_ANDROID.  All the other ones are irrelevant. I just have not
had the time to make the cleaning before sending the patch to you and I
thought it sill might be interesting for you and the users of the collector.


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