Re: [Gc] Re: Is RTEMS supported by bdwgc now ?

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Sat Apr 2 22:51:59 PST 2011


Proper virtual memory support is required for incremental/generational modes of GC (which are optional).

If you'd like to port GC to a new arch, please look into doc/porting.html.
Nobody tried to use GC with RTEMS. At least, I'm not aware of (and RTEMS is not mentioned anywhere in the codebase of GC).

Tip: it's better if you will experiment with the recent CVS snapshot of BDWGC instead of using some release tarball (listed eg. on


Sun, 3 Apr 2011 00:07:15 +0800 <lj8175 at>:

> On the wiki page( I see  
> &quot;It
> provides incremental and generational collection under operating systems
> which provide the right kind of virtual memory support.&quot;
> Is this meaning an operating system which want to use gc must have virtual
> memory support?
> An operating systems which don&#39;t have virtual memory support can use gc or
> not ?  Can port or not ?
> Is RTEMS supported by bdwgc now ?

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