[Gc] Possible bug in GC library

disposable_yp at mail.bg disposable_yp at mail.bg
Tue Apr 19 09:26:58 PDT 2011


Has anybody tried building the GC library on Cygwin with gcc 4.3.4. The
library is building correctly, however when I run "make check", it reports
test failure on the C++ test. The version of the library I used is
"bdwgc-7_2alpha5-20110107.tar.bz2". The build system is a 64-bit Windows
7, running Cygwin (latest version) on top of it, compiler infrastructure is
GCC. The output from the "make check" is in an attached file. If additional
information is needed to diagnose the problem, I will provide it. I
would like to note that I also ran into the same bad test when using
"gc-7.2alpha4.tar.gz". The failing test is test_cpp.exe. Has anyone
bumped into this problem?
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