Re: [Gc] Possible bug in GC library

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Wed Apr 20 14:30:07 PDT 2011


I've fixed this issue for Cygwin by adding to gc_cpp.h:
 inline operator delete(void* ptr) { GC_FREE(ptr); }

Without it, the memory allocated by GC_malloc_uncollectable() was freed by system free().


Tue, 19 Apr 2011 16:26:58 -0000 disposable_yp at

> Hello, 
> Has anybody tried building the GC library on Cygwin with gcc 4.3.4. The
> library is building correctly, however when I run "make check", it reports
> test failure on the C++ test. The version of the library I used is
> "bdwgc-7_2alpha5-20110107.tar.bz2". The build system is a 64-bit Windows
> 7, running Cygwin (latest version) on top of it, compiler infrastructure is
> GCC. The output from the "make check" is in an attached file. If additional
> information is needed to diagnose the problem, I will provide it. I
> would like to note that I also ran into the same bad test when using
> "gc-7.2alpha4.tar.gz". The failing test is test_cpp.exe. Has anyone
> bumped into this problem?
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