[Gc] Re: Boehm for iOS

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Wed Aug 3 23:18:11 PDT 2011

Hi Arno,

I haven't tried configure & make (although, it might require too few changes to work for iPhone).
I assume you have gc72alpha6 (or newer).

I tried the build command something like this:


PS. Feel free to send me a patch for configure if you fix it to work on iphone.

03 08 2011, 02:16 Arno Puder <arno at puder.org>:
> Ivan,
> back in May you posted a message that you got the GC working on an 
> iPhone 3GS. Could you please tell me which ./configure options you used 
> and which source folders from Boehm you included in the Xcode project? 
> I'm trying to re-create a "Hello World" Xcode project for iOS that 
> integrates the GC.
> TIA,
> Arno

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