[Gc] Cmake and contribution model (Git)

Georges Dupéron georges.duperon at cortus.com
Tue Aug 9 01:01:58 PDT 2011

> I haven't had a chance to explore github much.  Is there a way to give
> access to the original cvs maintainers, at least to the extent they still
> want it?  Ivan is currently doing essentially all of the check-ins (many
> thanks!), but I'd be more comfortable if others also had access, at least
> as a backup.

Yes, the owner of the project can add collaborators to the project in the
"admin" part of that project, as long as the collaborators have a github
account (free & easy to create).

> Presumably pull requests don't work through firewalls on the submitter's
> side.  Thus I suspect many of us will still end up trafficking in patches.
>  But that's no worse than what we have now.

No, people must "fork" the project using the github interface (and their
github account), push their changes, and when satisfied, send a pull
request from their repository to the "central" repository.

The "cental" repository's collaborators are then able to merge in the
history from the repository that issued the pull request, and the only
server needed is github, which hosts both repositories.

Georges Dupéron

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