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Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Tue Aug 9 03:09:15 PDT 2011


Alternatively, we could use sourceforge Git hosting but I think we'll have less troubles with github.


09 08 2011, 12:12 Georges Dupéron <georges.duperon at>:
> > I haven't had a chance to explore github much.  Is there a way to give
> > access to the original cvs maintainers, at least to the extent they still
> > want it?  Ivan is currently doing essentially all of the check-ins (many
> > thanks!), but I'd be more comfortable if others also had access, at least
> > as a backup.
> Yes, the owner of the project can add collaborators to the project in the
> "admin" part of that project, as long as the collaborators have a github
> account (free & easy to create).
> > Presumably pull requests don't work through firewalls on the submitter's
> > side.  Thus I suspect many of us will still end up trafficking in patches.
> >  But that's no worse than what we have now.
> No, people must "fork" the project using the github interface (and their
> github account), push their changes, and when satisfied, send a pull
> request from their repository to the "central" repository.
> The "cental" repository's collaborators are then able to merge in the
> history from the repository that issued the pull request, and the only
> server needed is github, which hosts both repositories.
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