Re[2]: [Gc] About "Disclaim" patch for BDWGC

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Tue Aug 9 05:16:59 PDT 2011

Hi Petter,

I think it's a good idea to remove auto-generated files from the repo. I've already done it for libatomic_ops.

06 08 2011, 16:48 Petter Urkedal <urkedal at>:
> On 2011-08-05, Ivan Maidanski wrote:
> > Hi Petter,
> > ...
> Hi Ivan,
> Yes,, but as I noticed
> your github repo, I've rebased my patches an that:
> The changes are contained in the range clean..dispatch, excluding
> generated files (master..clean).  I can prepare something you can pull,
> but the generated files will have a few Gentoo-related autotools
> additions.
> ...

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