Re[2]: [Gc] Should libatomic_ops be inside bdwgc?

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Fri Aug 12 02:07:09 PDT 2011

Hi Petter,

Now I have another issue with make distcheck (I have libatomic_ops folder inside bdwgc):
configure: error: libatomic_ops is required.  You can either install it on your system, or fetch and unpack a resent version into the source directory and link or rename it to libatomic_ops.

12 08 2011, 00:17 Petter Urkedal <urkedal at>:
> On 2011-08-11, Ivan Maidanski wrote:
>  > Thanks. Just merged. (I think you've already received a notification).
>  Seems that's not one of the notifications they support. Good you merged
>  it before anything else, so I could fast-forward; I made the mistake of
>  putting it in my master branch.

IMHO, This is not a mistake - it's a good practice to send pull requests from your master branch (which you supposed to have tested already).

It's really unclear to me how to handle pull requests in github - I'd to make check before you do merge but now I do merge then pull and make check. (i.e. I can't switch to your branch w/o cloning your repo).

And, after merge, we have a triangle in git commit history - look at it with gitk --all.
Any advice how to do it (merge pull request) sequentially? (This is not a problem of course but...)

>  > > > 1. Based on the answer from Hans, could you prepare the relevant patch for the scripts (including any other things you think need adjusting, if any)? Thanks.
>  There wasn't much to it, just making sure the libatomic_ops directory is
>  there if we need to use it.

Another Q: what do think of:
## FIXME: really needed? (AC_LIBTOOL already provides this)
AC_CHECK_TOOL(RANLIB, ranlib, :)  # :)


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