Re: [Gc]: Re: : Mingw Compile Issues

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Wed Aug 17 10:05:45 PDT 2011

Hi Dumitru,

1. "Don't" never always constructive (in the unbounded set), as it merely suggests "do something else except..";
2. If make all (or, even, make check) succeeds, this does not guarantee it will work w/o problems;
3. My suggestion was to use more recent GC version (although it is marked as 'alpha');
4. Do you have any problems with the recent GC with MinGW (or mingw-w32/64)?
5. If you have any patch, it is welcomed.


16 08 2011, 20:53 Dumitru Frunza <dumitru.frunza at>:
> Ivan Maidanski <ivmai at ...> writes:
> > 1. Don't try to compile gc7.1 with MinGW.
> Um, not a very constructive suggestion, now, is it ?
> Reason we got "undefined" this and that errors, is because the configure script
> somehow misses to include the "win32_threads.c" file into the list of files to
> compile.
> So, a quick fix is to, well, fix the Makefile manually: open it, and look for
> lines "am__append_3 = win32_threads.c" and uncomment them out.
> Re-run make and voilà - problem solved.
> Now someone must find some time and apply a real fix, that is, determine why the
> configure script misses the win32_threads.c in the first place.

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