[Gc] pthread_suspend failed - using pthread_exit(0)

Paul Poley baylorpaul at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 10:30:00 PDT 2011


I am a contributor to XMLVM - https://xmlvm.org/

Using the Boehm garbage collector, I have recently run into a case where I
am getting an error "pthread_suspend failed" using OSX.
At that point, the main thread had called pthread_exit(0), so as not to
terminate while other threads are still running.  Shortly afterwords, the
error occurs.
If I wait on a condition (in order to keep the process alive), rather than
invoke pthread_exit(0), the error does not occur.

I suspect the GC thinks the main thread is still running, even after calling
pthread_exit(0).  Part of that theory is based on:

There it mentions "a race condition making libgc think there are more
threads than in actuality."

At the time of error, all remaining threads besides the thread invoking
GC_MALLOC were "in __semwait_signal ()".
Would you have any insight as to why this error is occurring?

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