Re[2]: [Gc]: Re: : Mingw Compile Issues

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Sat Aug 20 00:40:15 PDT 2011

Hi Dumitru,

20 08 2011, 02:46 Dumitru Frunza <dumitru.frunza at>:
> Ivan Maidanski <ivmai at ...> writes:
> > 2. If make all (or, even, make check) succeeds, this does not guarantee it
> will work w/o problems;
> You're dead right on this one.
> I got it all compiled, but not a single test passes. Dunno, maybe it's inherent
> to the testing code, or maybe the compiled DLL is broken.
> In any case, your original suggestion of using the bdwgc package, is the most
> promising. Got it compiled without a hickup, and all but one test passed.

Which one? Could you send me gcc options that test is compiled and linked with (as well as config.h if used)? 

> gc-7.1 is simply outdated, as this thread should be too.
> Cheers man,
> Dimitri.

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