[Gc] Request: get signum for resume?

Jan Wielemaker J.Wielemaker at vu.nl
Thu Dec 15 05:31:07 PST 2011


Just making SWI-Prolog run under bwdgc wasn't too hard! I ran against
one glitch that can easily be fixed. It turns out the application should
not play with the collector's signals. Well, that is documented and not
a surprise. Prolog however catches most signals to generate a Prolog

I found GC_get_suspend_signal(), which gives me a nice portable way to
leave that one unmodified, but I must do the same with SIGXCPU (test
platform is Linux) and reading the source indicates there is no


Could this be added?

	Thanks --- Jan

P.s.	Time for extensive testing and evaluation of memory usage and
	performance.  I'm very curious.  If it works out I can ditch
	a lot of code :-)

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