[Gc] Re: WOW64 bug: GetThreadContext() may return stale contents

Zach Saw zach.saw at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 22:48:55 PST 2011

Henning Makholm <makholm at ...> writes:

> If only it were possible to *detect* that the bug had happened, it would
> be much more palatable to fall back to whole-stack scanning in that case.
> (It appears to be a fairly short window during which the bug can hit, so
> it wouldn't be often that it did). But the linked threads do not suggest
> any workable way to do that.

That is because there isn't one.

Microsoft would need to come up with a mechanism for us to detect that 
(which Alex from MS suggested and said would be the simplest fix of all 
other methods proposed).

Even then, he's not sure if MS would implement that workaround. From what I
understand in my lengthy discussion with him, it's likely that this won't 
even get fixed for the life time of Windows 7.

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