[Gc] Problems with GC performance using gcj (Repost text only)

Ben Keppler bkeppler at tridentms.com
Tue Jan 11 07:58:37 PST 2011

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We are using gcj for a time sensitive application.  One of the requirements of the application is that messages be transmitted within a 60ms timeframe.  Unfortunately, the Boehm GC used in gcj is not generational and thus every collection is of the "stop the world" variety.  We are observing (using "GC_PRINT_STATS") regular collections that stop the world for periods in the 400ms range.  This is a problem for us.

The comments I have found on the "incremental" setting for the Boehm GC indicate that it doesn't work with gcj, so that would not appear to be an option.  My question is, are there other GC options (perhaps a generational garbage collector) available for gcj?  My research has revealed none other than TinyGC, an option that would exacerbate rather than relieve our problems.  Alternatively, are there settings on the Boehm GC that might relieve our problems?  I would appreciate any information you could provide.

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