[Gc] Re[3]: New alpha GC release

Andy Wingo wingo at pobox.com
Wed Jun 15 03:22:18 PDT 2011

On Tue 14 Jun 2011 16:32, Ivan Maidanski <ivmai at mail.ru> writes:

> I've finally done it. I'll send 2 tar-balls to you in a moment.
> Tested platforms/suites: Ubuntu 10.04/x86 (gcc-4.4.3), FreeBSD
> 8.2/amd64, Solaris 10u8/amd64 (gcc/suncc), Cygwin 1.7, Win32 (MinGW,
> mingw-w32 (gcc-4.5.2), mingw-w64, Visual Studio 2010), DOS (djgpp, emx,
> watcom), Android NDK r5b, iPhone 3GS, Tegra2/armv7.

Thank you Ivan, for all of your hard work.  It is very much appreciated.



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