[Gc] Fwd: [boehm-gc] Use __rld_obj_head for IRIX GC_register_dynamic_libraries (PR libgcj/49451)

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Wed Jun 22 17:38:46 PDT 2011

I expect it is.  Unfortunately, I think it requires a bit of rework by someone with access to an Irix (and ideally Solaris) machine, to make it fit there.

The real cause of the problem here seems to be that we can't use a cached file descriptor, since (according to the comment) some kernels get upset if we have an open /proc fd when the process is killed.  Is that still an issue?  Does just removing the last two lines of that version of GC_register_dynamic_libraries(), perhaps just on Irix, still break things?  

I'm OK with the patch as is (and I'm impressed that Rainer managed to uncover the right information), but it seems to add complexity and an ugly implementation-dependency for somewhat of a corner case on a somewhat obsolete OS.  (The Wikipedia entry starts with "Irix was" :-) )  If we could fix it by deleting code instead ...


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> FYI: is this applicable to current GC?
> Andrew.

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