Re]: [Gc] atomic-ops on arm trouble, again

Henning Makholm makholm at
Fri Mar 18 14:11:30 PST 2011

Gregory Farnum writes:

> Ahhhh....that's what it looked like to me but I didn't think atomic-ops
> had any .c files -- we really haven't needed them for *anything* else!
> -- I just assumed it was a broken chain of preprocessor definitions
> leaving something not defined that should have been. *blush*
> ...aaand atomic_ops.c is not included in the Debian packages. (Now I
> feel slightly better.) Hmm. I wonder if it's rolled into one of the
> headers somehow...

According to, libatomic-ops-dev on armel contains
/usr/lib/libatomic_ops.a and /usr/lib/libatomic_ops_gpl.a.

You're probably supposed to link statically with one or both of those,
and I don't see that on the linker command you quote.

Henning Makholm
Octoshape ApS

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