[Gc] Interior pointers

Michael Talbot-Wilson mtw at view.net.au
Fri Dec 28 03:13:28 PST 2012

What I'm trying to do is create an array of the names in a directoy
using a modification of the Linux getdents(2) example program.  I'm
assigning the address of a struct linux_dirent plus the offset to the
d_name in it to a char** element.  It works for small directories but
fails at about the 2700th directory entry, at which point the array is
overwritten, back to element [0].

Am I doing something illegal or ignorant with code like

   for (;;) {
     buf = (char *) GC_MALLOC(BUF_SIZE);
     nread = syscall(SYS_getdents, fd, buf, BUF_SIZE);
     if (nread==0)

     for (bpos=0; bpos<nread;) {
       d = (struct linux_dirent *) (buf+bpos);
       d_type = *(buf + bpos + d->d_reclen - 1);
       allnames[array_subscript++] = (char *)d + off_to_name;
       printf("& allnames[0]=%ld\n", (long) &(allnames[0]));
       printf("1 allnames[0]=%s\n", allnames[0]);
       printf("2 allnames[%d]=%s\n",
              array_subscript-1, allnames[array_subscript-1]);


Producing (where "." was the first name read):

& allnames[0]=134897680
1 allnames[0]=.
2 allnames[2728]=bzcat
& allnames[0]=134897680
1 allnames[0]=.
2 allnames[2729]=xfce4-panel
& allnames[0]=134897680
1 allnames[0]=^L^H
2 allnames[2730]=unhex
& allnames[0]=134897680
1 allnames[0]=^L^H:<83>^L^H^B
2 allnames[2731]=sgmlcheck
& allnames[0]=134897680
1 allnames[0]=^L^H:<83>^L^HR<83>^L^H<B3>^C
2 allnames[2732]=svnversion

with endless increase in the length of the garbage.

Hope someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

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