[GC] Missing references when building under MinGW

Sergio NNX sfhacker at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 25 00:29:07 PST 2012

> There has been a number of changes in configure and win32_threads.c
 since 7.2alpha6. Please fetch more fresh code (using git as explained 
below) and let me know whether the problem still exists.

Ciao Ivan.

Thanks for your reply.

I have fetched the lastest code from Git but the problem still persists! This is what I've tried so far:

a) ./configure --prefix=/mingw --enable-static --enable-shared --enable-cplusplus --enable-threads=win32


    It builds ok, but libgc.a doesn't contain the symbols guile (among others) app needs in order to be built

b) ./configure --prefix=/mingw --enable-static --enable-shared --enable-cplusplus --enable-threads=pthreads


    This option doesn't work: 'make' complains about 'SIGRTMIN undeclared' (misc.c line 462)
    I fixed that but then i get hundreds of 'undefined references' (e.g. GC_lock, GC_need_to_lock, GC_allocate_lock, GC_allocate_ml, GC_push_thread_structures, etc) in several files.

By digging into the source code a little bit, I noticed that, in some files, there's an '#if' condicion like: 

                         #if defined(GC_PTHREADS) && !defined(GC_WIN32_THREADS)

So, what's the logic behind it? When is GC_PTHREADS defined? Is it either GC_PTHREADS or GC_WIN32_THREADS?

I'm more than happy to contribute to this project (e.g. testing, patched, etc) but i may need some help from GC developers. Just let me know how I can help.

Thanks in advance.

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