[Gc] Extra info in mark-bytes?

Jan Wielemaker J.Wielemaker at vu.nl
Mon Jan 2 08:03:24 PST 2012

On 01/02/2012 02:53 PM, Jan Wielemaker wrote:
>    * As soon as I set the above bits, I see that GC_malloc() no longer uses
>      the free list, but calls GC_generic_malloc_many() for most calls.  It
>      seems that playing with these bits affect the free list!?  Does
> someone
>      have an idea why?

GC_clear_hdr_marks should set hb_n_marks to the number of uncollectable
objects.  This part passes the simplest tests now.  I hope to be able to
show performance on some real cases shortly.

Hints/tips/comments are still welcome :-)

	Regards --- Jan

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