Re[2]: [Gc] Boehm GC on OSF/1

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Sat Jan 21 03:30:52 PST 2012

Hi Andy and Bruno,

19 01 2012, 02:05 Andy Wingo <wingo at>:
> Hi Ivan,
> On Wed 18 Jan 2012 15:05, Ivan Maidanski <ivmai at> writes:
> > Please stop reporting me failures on gc-7.2alpha6 (or any other
> > ancient release) without any feedback using the latest code from
> > "release" branch. Could you retest all failures you've just reported?
> I completely understand your perspective :)  Part of the context here is
> that we have a new Guile release coming out, and Bruno is helping to
> test it on less common platforms.  It's much easier to test a tarball
> than a git repo, so I think that's where he's coming from.  Do you think
> it might be time for another 7.2 alpha release?  A 7.2 final release of
> course would be wonderful, but first things first :-)

Yes, it seems yet one more alpha release would be a plus.

Nonetheless, Bruno, your feedback about found problems in "release" version of both bdwgc and libatomic_ops is very appreciated (at least it worth putting the info into FIXME section of TODO file -


> Cheers,
> Andy
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