[Gc] Re: Re[2]: [bdwgc] Exit abort hooks (#19)

Jean-Claude Beaudoin jean.claude.beaudoin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 20:35:11 PDT 2012

Hello Ivan and Hans,

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 4:00 AM, Ivan Maidanski <ivmai at mail.ru> wrote:

> I've already pushed own variant of such functionality into
> https://github.com/ivmai/bdwgc/tree/add-abort-exit-signals-setters
> and consists of 2 commits:
> -
> https://github.com/ivmai/bdwgc/commit/215d710e39b5f9df733525b97ff8c39cb659c7b0(call GC_on_abort(NULL) on exit(1));
> -
> https://github.com/ivmai/bdwgc/commit/d020903787f3aa4f949bd5c48083cfd71d36df6f(Add public GC_set/get_abort_func to replace default GC_on_abort)
After having given it a good look, all this seems to pretty well fit what I
needed, thanks.

Now waiting for the "signals configuration at init time" thing...


Jean-Claude Beaudoin
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