[Gc] Building on OS X: Autotools vs pkg-config issues

Bruce Mitchener bruce.mitchener at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 21:28:07 PST 2012


It would be really nice if Boehm could build out of the box on Mac OS X
without having to install updated autotools and pkg-config.  A quick check
seems to show that it could work with the version of autotools shipped on
OS X, with the exception of the usage of pkg-config.

One fix would be to put a copy of pkg.m4 in bdwgc/m4/ next to the
gc_set_version.m4 and distribute that yourself.  With that and changing the
AC_PREREQ to use 2.61 for both the GC and libatomic_ops, things appear to
work.  There's an argument to be made that shipping pkg.m4 here is bad, but
the current situation also seems a bit bad.

Another fix might be to not use pkg-config or to support some way of not
using it, but that seems like more work.

Is there another way that we could get this to where it works out of the
box on a roughly out of the box XCode installation?

The background for this is that in Open Dylan (https://opendylan.org/), we
have various build / packaging issues where we'd rather just pull in Boehm
via a git submodule and do our own build as part of our build system to
make sure that everything is correctly configured and then link to the
static library.  But we don't require newer autotools or pkg-config, so
this is a bit of an issue for us in terms of developer usability.


 - Bruce
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