Re: [Gc] move_disappearing_link to release?

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Sat Mar 3 23:05:27 PST 2012

Hi Andy,

03 03 2012, 23:10 Andy Wingo <wingo at>:
> Hi,
> GC_move_disappearing_link is performance boost to some applications that
> I work on.  It's a fairly simple extension to the existing disappearing
> link facility.  Any chance of it appearing in the next release?

Formally speaking, release branch is closed for adding new features.
But I'm planning (if Hans won't argue) to release both v7.2 final (more stable) and v7.3alpha2 tar-balls at once. (The release date is constantly shifted from week to week due to new bugs detected & fixed.) 


> FWIW, I tried the following on the release branch:
>   git cherry-pick c3cc33f676502406416cb3caac13fab3a8fbc49b..5c53923e5f8d63b789bf0ecaad0776fe1abbdf12
> And that landed all of the disappearing links patches, with no
> conflicts.
> Regards,
> Andy
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