[Gc] Symbols with hidden attribute in gc-7.2

Paulo César Pereira de Andrade paulo.cesar.pereira.de.andrade at gmail.com
Sun May 20 11:36:58 PDT 2012


  I am working on several dependency packages with goal to package
sagemath in fedora. But rawhide did update to gc-7.2 that now tags
several functions as GC_INNER.

  The problem is that that breaks one of the sagemath packages, that
is https://ecls.sourceforge.net/

  I had an open bug report for ecl for another issue, but in the meantime
I did upgrade to Fedora rawhide... The bug report was due to a dead
lock in ecl and gc usage of signals to stop threads, see:


  I understand that ecls calls private gc functions, but would like to
suggest to ecl upstream some alternative to correct problem.


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