[Gc] RE: GC version numbering

Vitaly Magerya vmagerya at gmail.com
Mon May 21 05:22:05 PDT 2012

Petter Urkedal wrote:
> On 2012-05-20, Ivan Maidanski wrote:
>> Like this (and name tarball as gc-7.2-rev-b.tar.gz), right?
> I think it would be nice if the tar revisions are also valid revisions
> for common packaging systems.  E.g. RPM uses the dash to separate the
> software version from the package revision (which indicates patches and
> changes to packaging).  I think gc-7.2b is ok from RPM's point of view,
> but I'm not sure how it sorts compared to gc-7.2.1.

For what it's worth, FreeBSD ports don't allow dashes in versions,
and 7.2b sorts higher than 7.2.1 (7.2.b < 7.2.b1 < 7.2 < 7.2.1 < 7.2b
< 7.2b.1). In any case, we don't rely on tarball names to be properly
sorted according to the ports rules, so it's not inconvenient either

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