Re[12]: [Gc] There should be a library major bump of gc library

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Mon May 28 00:40:41 PDT 2012

Hi Paulo,

Mon, 28 May 2012 02:22:13 -0300 от Paulo César Pereira de Andrade< at>:
> 2012/5/27 Ivan Maidanski <ivmai at>:
> > Hi Juan and Paulo,
> >
> > Paulo -
> > I've quickly glanced into the commits. I think it is not a good (or even disallowed) thing to alter 7.2 API (unlike v7.3+).
> > The only commits to release branch now are the ones fixing some bugs or regression (hiding some symbols actively used by 3rd-party well-know projects could be considered as a regression). (The only reason for making such fixing should be making legacy code work as expected nothing more.)
>   Fedora 16 has 7.2alpha, and same for Fedora 17 beta, so it will
> have all symbols exported there (ecl works), but rawhide was
> update to 7.2 release 14 May.

Exactly. We need to fix this regression in 7.2.

> > I guess Hans is having the similar opinion of it.
> >
> > So, part of your patch is definitely ok for master branch. But no code of it suitable for release branch for now.
> > Thank you for the quick response but please adjust it (being more close to the fix scenario I've outlined in my previous post).
>   Ok. The commit in master adds the GC_push* required by ecl.
> It should be ok to make a "request for enhancement" in Fedora
> rawhide to update to gc-7.3alpha if the commit to master is good.

This should be optional if we fix 7.2.


> > Regards,
> > Ivan
> Thanks,
> Paulo
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